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Increasing demands, the desire for unparalleled experiences, and a lack of time are all reasons why personalised attention, privilege, and exclusivity are key prerequisites for fostering loyalty, engagement, and emotional attachment to your business, your brand.

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We understand the importance of creating meaningful experiences that strengthen the emotional connection to your brand. That's why we offer a team of expert lifestyle advisers available 24/7, personalized offers, and cutting-edge technology to satisfy even the most demanding requests from your clients, employees, or members. Together, we'll build loyalty programs that align with your business' values and requirements.

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Our client testimonials

Thierry Cornille

Directeur Général CAMCA

“We had the pleasure of working with Generali Concierge Services to develop a customized program for our various brands. The team's expertise and attention to detail resulted in a dynamic and adaptable offering that fostered seamless collaboration between our teams.”

Denis Vitellaro

CEO Drivalia

"We are one of the leading players in car rental and service in Europe. In order to build loyalty with our VIP customers, we work with our partner Generali Concierge Services to offer them a premium concierge service. With a specific set of requirements and a very tight schedule, the deployment of the concierge service by the GCS teams for Drivalia was carried out with the greatest reactivity and agility."